First Board of Advisors meeting

Last week PFN had their first-ever board meeting with their elected advisors. What was discussed exactly? That will be shared with their members.

On the 23rd of February 2021, PFN established the first Board of Advisors (BOA’s) meeting. Together with the elected BOA’s, they discussed topics like goals, mindset, future plans, members’ conferences, online events, and growing the exclusive network. The advisors had made clear commitments and showing their level of investment in getting PFN to its full potential.

Amazing! Not surprising for such a great group of members that all specialize in managing highly difficult project logistics. As great leaders they listened and brought their views to the table, supporting and elevating their peers. We believe a great start has been made and we look forward to all the adventures to come. ” Says – Amanda Labee, VP Operations, PFN.

As PFN is evolving and stepping away from the traditional ways a network operates. Interested and curious about how that looks. Let us know and contact us