Pentagon Logistics: Warehousing & Logistics – Post Pandemic

Pentagon Logistics Services, Business Development Manager, Stevie Petrie, wrote an article on this subject last week and published it on his Linkedin. We believe it raises some interesting questions for you and your customers, some food for thought.

Stevie Petrie, Business Development Manager, Says- ” Looking ahead to a “dream scenario” in late Summer of 2021, covid numbers are under control, looking ahead to autumn and moving closer to normalcy. Business looks like it is returning to normal, and we can start to plan for the future. We keep hearing about the changes to our working culture, to the masses working from home coming back to the office. What does it mean for your business? What does it mean for you? “

Questions that could help you figure out what to do:

Will everyone return to the office? We are reading a lot about this in the news and in the papers, the “new normal” the departure from traditional forms of working. Maybe you plan for your people to work from home half the week and in the office half the week. Maybe you want to go even further and have space where employees can come and interact a couple of times a month or just a space to have meetings.

Does a change to working practices mean changing your Industrial/Office property? Yes, especially if you plan an earth-shaking change to your long-term working plan then this is something companies will need to look at. If you plan to have staff working from home half of the week in two “shifts” does that mean you need an office half the size? What equipment is needed and what is no longer a necessity?

Can you manage your logistics remotely? In short, yes! But it is all about how you want to manage your logistics remotely. Do you retain your own warehouse staff and warehousing? Do you outsource your warehousing and logistics? What is better for your company, people, and customers. “

Read the full article from, Stevie Petrie, Business Development Manager Pentagon Logistics Services:

So what is your opinion? As PFN we believe that there is nothing to replace face-to-face interaction between people but we have also learned that online is a good tool to keep the ball rolling. The new normal will look different for many of our companies and customers. But we have also come to learn to be flexible and now is a good time to look closely at the work plan for the future. We were all somewhat surprised by this pandemic but we are certain it will not be the last hurdle. The main question is, how do we prepare for them?

So what do you think? Will the future change for your company? The future of your customer’s companies? What could be the solution and is it something you can act on now or innovate new ways of working? We would love to hear your opinion. Do you think the way of working will change? and will there be business opportunities born from customers outsourcing or downsizing their logistics and warehousing. Certainly worth looking into, it could open up possibilities and new opportunities.