Good Practice: A detailed Project Freight Plan should be developed and agreed by Project Management. It provides the following benefits: Translates the high-level project objectives into a comprehensive ‘roadmap’ of tangible deliverables. Provides a complete list of resource requirements. Provides a realistic […]

Have you developed a detailed Project Logistics Plan?

Projects are divided into six stages: Project and Scope Definition. Project Initiation. Project Planning. Project Execution. Monitoring & Control. Project Closure. Each project stage is characterised by a distinct set of activities that take the logistics project from the first […]

Project Freight Planning (Part 3)

iBrabble, the Education & Events company is bringing a Master Class for Project Freight Management (from the shipper’s perspective) to China during the upcoming BreakBulk China conference in March 2016. Breakbulk China’s targeted programming will ensure that you develop skills […]